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Auschwitz Chic…?!

May 7, 2012

Hey guys,

It’s been months since I’ve posted and I am truly sorry. If anyone who is reading this right now has experienced junior year, you will understand my lack of attention to the blog.

Okay let’s get right down to it. I saw something horrifying on the CNN website today that made me want to gag. I’m sure some of you have heard about this, but I just found out about it today. Urban Outfitters has released a graphic tee that pays homage to “Jude” patches Jewish victims of the Holocaust were forced to wear. As a frequent shopper at UO, I’m seriously considering writing an email to the CEO of the company because I am disgusted. As a person who visited Poland this past summer and toured Auschwitz concentration camp, I cannot believe that Urban Outfitters would sell an item of clothing in a style they call “Auschwitz Chic”. There is absolutely nothing remotely stylish about a genocide in which 6 million Jews were mass murdered….  This is the t-shirt:


So after I wrote the beginning of this post, I surfed the internet for a few minutes to see if Urban had removed the shirt. Although I saw on the UO website that the shirt is no longer being sold, I’m still not satisfied; the fact that Urban even SOLD this shirt in the first place really resonates with me. Any thoughts?

xoxo Ariel

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