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JHarb + New York

May 31, 2012

Hey everyone!


This past week has been so fun-filled that I’m going to do a kind of “double post”…I mean 2 topics in 1? Double the fun! Anyways, last Thursday night, my grade had our annual Junior Harbor Cruise. It’s basically a semi-formal dance on a boat. The dance was okay, but I had the most fun getting ready and taking pictures with my friends!


Two days after JHarb, I went to New York City with five of my friends– without parents! Navigating a city and planning out a vacation is so much different when nobody is there to guide you. But we got around pretty well! We went to Central Park, Soho, Canal Street and Times Square and even made it to an awesome show on Saturday night called Fuerza Bruta. The only way to describe would be to say that it was a nonstop collision of music, emotion and aerial imagery. The show starts with a guy in a suit who faces harsh winds, flying objects and brick walls while chasing after something. At one point there’s a massive swimming pool suspended over the audience, in which performers swim, jump and frolic. The show ends with an awesome techno dance party, in which the DJ sprays people with water. Overall the show was great!


…and some other pictures from the trip



hot dog…nommm.


The five of us in the lobby of the apartment before we went out to dinner on Sunday night…


In a cab on the way to Fuerza Bruta!


Canal Street…


Hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday weekend!


xoxo Ariel

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